Rules and Regulations

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Characters will be constructed using the following criteria:

  • PL 2
  • 32 points
  • Additional point will be given to each player based off of their story. The more detailed your character is and the more you give me, the more I give back.
    I understand that some of you aren’t writers and so I’m not looking for a novella. Bullet points will do as long as you give me details.
  • Characters must be built solo (i.e. no one shares info with anyone else. I can’t police this but I expect you all to play nice)
  • Speaking of playing nice, remember that you’re all Heroes so ensure that you characters are Hero material.
  • Back-story should have at least one reason as to why you’d join S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Everyone must have a Secret Identity/Alter Ego.
  • Your characters should ideally be built using only the core book I sent out. If you decide you want a power from outside the book, I’ll have to judge it on a case by case basis.
    Technically, i’ll be doing that for your characters anyway, but for books from outside the core, I’ll be very strict.
  • We will be using the optional wealth rules. Page 132 has the rules which we’ll be using.

Additional Rules:

  • Wealth regenerating:
    If you have a day job, your spent wealth regenerates.
    At the end of every week, if you have ranks in Profession, you can make a profession check DC 15+Power Level. For every 5 points you beat it by you get an additional wealth point regenerate.
    i.e. We’re playing PL 2 so DC is 17. Clark Kent has 7 ranks of Profession (Journalist). He makes a roll and rolls a 16. 16+7 = 23. He regenerates 1 Point for beating the DC. He also beat the DC by 6 and regenerates an additional wealth.

Rules and Regulations

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